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"The best part of all is when you put the old and the new images together."

"Infrared is an amazing technology and it is exhilarating to be able to utilise it to better the lives of horses, their owners and trainers"

"Not had it done but would love to! I know several folks who have used it to locate saddle fit problems, like you, and other issues that weren't showing up clearly in regular types of examinations."

"The vet at the session told us of a racehorse with intermittent lameness that had defied all examination. Using the thermograph they discovered a tiny 'joint mouse' in a knee. The offending mouse was removed and the horse became 100% sound again."

"We had this done to one of our endurance horses at a ride. The vets never could pinpoint the cause of lameness, so they had this handy tool there and found his exact point of heat. Turns out it is arthritis. I think this is a great tool!"

"And we have a TB with arthritis in here knee. The scan showed a 10 degree difference between the two knees. It was incredible. He is getting a lot of different treatment and in another month we'll have him backout again to check progress."


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