Equine Infrared was created by Martin Collishaw in January 2010, to bring the excellence of Thermal Imaging to the Equine industry. After working in commercial and industrial thermography applications, for 7 years, he saw a need for the service in the Equine market, in particular the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions.

Realising that the subject matter was very different to previous Infrared inspections, and the high standards required by Equine professionals, he set about 9 months of intensive research and study into the use of thermography on the Equine, which culminated in receiving Certified Equine Thermographer status in October 2010.

The qualification comes from the highly regarded Equitherm/Equestrian Edge School, in Ashton-le-Walls, and endorsed by the British Horse Society of UK, with some top Equine Vets in governance.

Having now performed and reported thermographically on over 100 Equine subjects, in the comfort of the horses establishment, with the professionalism demanded by the caring horse owner, and the British Horse Society and still provide you with a friendly and efficient service you and your horse/s expect.

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Martin says: "It's a pleasure to work with such a beautiful animal, who essentially wants to be our friend and feel safe, as they can't tell us they are in pain or sore, the imaging becomes their voice, and it's a pleasure to see the satisfaction on the face of the owner and trainer, when they start to know of the horses pain, or better still, that they are not in any pain and the problem exists elsewhere."


Progex Equine Infrared, 58 Carr Lane, Willerby, East Yorkshire, HU10 6JW.


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Progex Equine Infrared
58 Carr Lane, Willerby,

East Yorkshire,
HU10 6JW.

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Telephone: 01482 236002
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