Diagnostic/Base Scan Visits

These visits are ideal for first time users of thermography on their horse. It will usually be prompted by concerns over the horse in competition, or while active leisure riding. It will help confirm problems exist, and where the problem is located. In some instances may highlight unknown issues. As a full scan is conducted every time, this acts as a base scan for comparison in future examinations.

These services are geared towards the discerning owner who appreciates the benefits of preventative and predictive maintenance, and benefits it has on overall medical costs.

Annual Wellness Program (monthly/quarterly/bi-annual)

This service is ideal for the individual who wants to give their horse the best possible care, at all times. The service can be split in to various periods to suit your concerns or care level.

In Competition Program (6 monthly visits)

This service is ideal for those who compete with their horse, and want to ensure their horse is in the best condition to take part during the competition season, and have piece of mind that injuries are not being sustained and ignored.

Rehabilitation Program (as required weekly/monthly)

An ideal service who’s horse is under treatment or forced box rest, this service operates by monitoring the progress of healing over the expected duration, and may sometimes facilitate earlier return to activity.

Specialist Visits

Saddle Check and/or Rider Profiling

Thermography can tell you if the saddle you use is a correct fit, and may be a cause for poor performance or behaviour, together with analysis of the rider in the saddle for correct posture and riding position. This service can be added to the usual inspection, but will require the horse to be ridden after the standard inspection.

Pre Sale or Purchase Surveys

If you are selling or purchasing a horse, the reassurance that there are not underlying issues the horse’s health. This service can benefit the seller in proving soundness to a potential buyer, or give piece of mind to the buyer of the investment they may make.

Competition Monitoring at race/event

This service is geared to the competition horse and how it muscles and ligaments are coping with the competition. It is carried out at the event, unlike all the other services, and aims to get a before and after competition view of the horses physical condition.

Complimentary Visits (vet/farrier/saddlery/physio)

It may be beneficial to have thermographic imagery carried our before, during, or after the professional services you already use. This may be requested by you or the practitioner as an aid to their prognosis.

24 hour Emergency Call Out

Equine ownership can be a stressful occupation, and sometimes you just want to know, and know NOW ! This service may help you decide your next course of action, based on the pain you think your horse is in, and at the time you want it done.

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